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Level 3 Building Services Engineering Craftsperson – Year 1 & 2


Level 3 Building Services Engineering Craftsperson – Year 1 & 2


This is an online 4 year Apprenticeship course, consisting of 2 x 2 years of modules. This is Year 1 &2.

This online Apprenticeship course, which also includes being able to have on-site assessments and the taking of the Exam for each module, during your course at our Dagenham Training Centre.

The course covers the essential knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in Heating and Ventilating

Health and Safety
Scientific Principles
Industrial and Commercial complex hot water heating and chilled water systems
Water Supply Regulations (water regs)
Hot water safety (unvented hot water)
Industrial and Commercial complex hot and cold water systems
How to organise resources within BSE
Industrial Fuels system (including limited scope gas safe)
Welding theory (no practical)
College portfolio

A range of different assessments on cold, hot heating and gas systems. Including the unvented hot water assessment and your Limited scope gas  assessment

Work Evidence portfolio

This will include the decommissioning,  commissioning, testing, fault finding and installation of 3 of the following 4

Industrial and commercial Chilled water systems
Industrial and commercial Hot water systems
Industrial and commercial Cold water systems
Industrial and commercial heating systems


Health and Safety

Level 3 Heating and Ventilating Craftsperson Qualification (Industrial and Commercial) is for learners who want to work within new build construction sites and existing buildings on their own, proficiently and without supervision, in the most efficient and economical manner. They must adhere to safe working practices without endangering themselves or others

Opportunities for progression

Successful completion of the qualification will help you progress into a range of roles, including a Senior heating and ventilating engineer or a Heating and ventilation project leader or manager


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