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Level 3 Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson


Level 3 Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson, Apprenticeship Course.


Level 3 Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson, Apprenticeship Course.

Occupational profile
Building Services Engineering makes buildings work. It is a specialist branch of engineering within the construction sector.
Ductwork systems provide clean air and/or remove used air and move temperature-controlled air around the inside of buildings as part of a building’s ventilation and life safety systems.
Ductwork Craftsperson’s plan, organise, undertake, complete, and oversee the installation and maintenance of ductwork systems in large industrial and commercial buildings including office blocks, factories, schools, airports and hospitals.
Ductwork Craftsperson’s use their skills to assemble, install, test, repair, pre-commission, commission, handover, and de-commission ductwork made from a wide range of materials, as well as overseeing the work of others, and understand the importance and function of the system to be installed. Interaction with the latest technologies e.g., Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the ability to understand and interpret drawings are essential.

What is covered
• Health and Safety
• Scientific Principles underpinning ductwork
• Environmental measures
• Interpreting drawings
• Planning and Overseeing work
• Rectangular Duct
• Circular and flat oval
• Fire rated
• Air handling units
• Local exhaust ventilation ductwork system components
• Customer Service
• Communicating with others

Individual employers will identify any relevant entry requirements in terms of previous qualifications, trainability tests, or other criteria.
All will have achieved English at level 2, Mathematics at level 2 by the end of the apprenticeship. Additionally, all apprentices must achieve the Level 3 Heating and Ventilating Craftsperson qualification prior to undertaking the end-point synoptic assessment with an independent assessment organisation. This is currently under development.

Special Notes:
If an apprentice candidate does not have the relevant English or maths Choice Training can embed the relevant skills required at no extra cost to the Employer.



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